Design of fault tolerant controllers for biological WWTP systems

Development of a methodology for the implementation of fault tolerant controllers in WWTP systems

Wastewater treatment processes are confronted with a great amount of disturbances, of both internal and external origin. Simultaneously, ever tightening regulations demand the efficient functioning of the process at all times. Control is useful when confronted with a performance problem, or a disturbance attenuation problem. In wastewater treatment both problems are an issue, so control is becoming a necessity for the efficient operation of these processes. However, most classical control strategies assume a perfect functioning of all actuators and sensors, and fail in their function when this is not so, i.e. in the presence of faults. The aim of this thesis is the develpment of fault-tolerant control strategies for wastewater treatment processes, these are strategies in which the appearance of faults is taken into account at the design stage of the controller.

Project duration: 1999-01-01 - 2000-12-31

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